Past Exhibits

New York:

288 Gallery at Tom & Jerry's, October 2011
Brow - NY Designers Collective, 2011


Beast of the East, January 2012


Grassroots Gallery, May 2010
Boxcar Gallery, December 2009
Jazz B Gallery, September 2008 8th Ave. Gallery,
December 2007 303 Boards Skate Shop, October 2007
Now Art Space, September,December 2007
Denver Modernism, August 2007
Guest Dj and live painting at KGNU 88.5 FM Boulder
Sleepless Nights, March 2008 - September 2009

"I define my style as “subconscious abstract.” My goal is to paint without considering an end result. I do not believe in mistakes or editing the way I manipulate the surface. I see every line as a direct result and interpretation of the feelings I experience while I work. I aim to make each piece balanced while experimenting with alternative applications. I’m interested in the perfection of a line until it is appealing to the viewer. It can be as simple as paint on a surface. I always work while listening to music. It is part of my ritual and remains my main source of inspiration. I continue painting until I have used all of my materials, wasting nothing at the end of the day.”

Feeling an impulse to pilot his life in a new direction, Andrew Hockenberry began painting in 2002. Creating new work was as simple as letting it dry, the challenge was to do something original. He quickly learned how to prime and stretch his own canvas and does so on a daily basis. Hockenberry works with conventional materials like oil, acrylic, latex, rust-oleum, spray paint, india ink and pencil. He has also uses more unconventional things like hair dye, eggs, and soy sauce and bitters. His work lives on anything it can adhere to i.e. canvas, wood, masonite, paper, carpet, silverware, wine bottles, cloth, doors, windows, sink, rocks, and buildings.